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demonic-missax.mp4 [280.52MB] - I'm in an antique shoppe and an old lady is behind the counter. There are many beautiful novelties, but one sticks out, seems to call to me: a skeleton figurine. It looks ancient, a bit spooky, and I think it will be perfect for my Halloween decor. The woman tried to dissuade me from buying it, at one point mentioning that it's "evil, not meant to be for sale!" I giggle at how superstitious she is. I pay her three times over what she is asking and rush out, with a pleasant smile, before she tries to say anything else strange. Later on that night I get a call from my best girlfriend, she wants to go out, she's such a party girl. I am exhausted but she will meet me first thing in the morning. "Just come in," I tell her, "the key is under the Welcome mat." I set my new figurine on my nightstand, admire it, and get undressed for bed. I crawl into bed nude, it's such a hot Summer's night. I pull she sheet over me and rest. The figurine watches me dream, it enters my dream and I toss and turn. I'm having a sexy but terrifying dream, I toss and turn, I start to sweat. My entire body is drenched with sweat. The transformation begins: My pussy starts to throb. I dream of a demon. Sweat rolls down my spine as I toss and turn. Horns start to grow from my forehead, I gasp awake, my eyes vacant, change into piercing eyes. The skeleton figurine turns her head to look at me, her eyes glowing red. I crawl to look at it, I dream of smashing it to the floor, but my arms seem paralyzed. The bones in my feet start to break, the flesh melding into hooves. I crawl off the bed to run for help, but the muscles in my legs and feet feel foreign, I can't stand up. I fall to the floor. I steady myself and stand, my legs thin, my ass expands, shapes into a horse-like rear. Hair starts to grow from my chest down to my pussy. My body elongates. I become a demonic centaur. I clop out of the room, satisfied with my possessed transformation. I hear my friend at the front door, I clop off to "greet" her

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