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from-slave-to-mistress-gift-from-nicole-lickinggirlsfeet11.mp4 [1.22GB] - As usual, between times, Nicole trains her slaves. Today they learned to worship her together again. Unexpectedly, Nicole received a call and she urgently had to leave, leaving her slaves behind. Slave Louise did not like that the Mistress scolded her because of the mistakes of other slaves and she decided to teach them a lesson. "You will lick my feet, and only when you learn how to do it well will you be able to worship Nicole!" She checked their throats for capacity, made them lick her feet to a shine. When Nicole returned, she was very surprised by what she saw - iren and rose worship Louise's feet. She was deeply impressed by the way Louise gave orders to the other slaves. Nicole decided not to scold Louise, but rather to give her a gift. She sat down on the sofa next to Louise and began to show her how to treat slaves. Louise learns quickly, she even stopped being shy of Nicole. Louise was very grateful to Nicole for this opportunity. During Nicole's absence, Louise will keep an eye on the rest of the slaves. Thanks Goddess Nicole. Great video when a slave becomes a Mistress.

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