[1.54GB] Xiaomeng Zentai Vac Packed & Swim Capped - Breathplay Xiaomeng

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xiaomeng-zentai-vac-packed-swim-capped-breathplay-xiaomeng.mp4 [1.54GB] - [This video was shot with full consent of the model. The model was assured that she can pause or terminate the shooting and be released from any risky circumstances at any moment, by using predefined signals including but not limited to safe-words and safe-moves. WARNING: The video features performance by either professionals or under the supervision of professionals. Do not attempt to recreate any actions similar to the ones that appear in this video. No solo breathplay. NEVER.] For a long time Xiaomeng has not been packed in a vacuum bag, so we did it again in this video. She was totally enclosed in a blue zentai, lying inside a vacuum bag, and compressed for four times. Enjoy her reaction! There were a lot of struggling and screaming. After the vacuum bag came a black silicon swim cap. She was still in her blue zentai and had a white water polo cap on her head already. I put the black swim cap on her face and watched her struggle. She was tied by a rope so that she cannot use her hands to remove the swim cap at all. After several rounds of breathplay with the swim cap, Xiaomeng was totally exhausted and finally went blackout *. * You are hereby notified that the blackout in THIS video is artistic fantasy, and nobody is in real peril.

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