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turn-me-off-londonlix.mp4 [226.33MB] - I want to give you permission to turn me OFF today. I'm going to give you everything you want and need (my ass, my tits, my pussy visible through my fishnet panties, and plenty of stroking encouragement), and then i'm going to allow you to step away from me for a week. Just one week of enforced 'vacation' from me. It can be hard to do this, I know. You might feel FOMO, or like you're ruining our connection, betraying our relationship. It simply might be hard to just step away, especially if you feel 'addicted'. But I'm insisting that you do. I'm giving you the green light. For your physical and mental health. Or maybe because I know that the withdrawal symptoms will see you come back harder than ever. One of the two.

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